Sonntag, 23. August 2009

The animations

Everything for Hell Invaders is handmade. The animations, the idea and even the engine!
It was our first project ever with hardly any experience and knowledge about the development process. But we grew with the project and made a lot of experience that was vital for the next projects.
Here an example of an animation sheet:

The Story

The story of Hell Invaders is an old school horro film story. Here is the story board.

The trailer

The main character

Priest is invincible. His aim is it to keep the vile creatures away from the entrance of the church where all the innocent people are hiding. If one of the creatures slips through a gory killing animation is displayed in the church window. Are all people dead, priest is game over.

The enemies

We created three types of enemies for the game, slow big ones such as the berserk, quick ones such as the skeletons and the demon who is able to throw fireballes at the player.

The perspective

Killing spree on the cemetery!

The game is based on the core element of original Space Invaders: a huge mass of enemies coming closer and closer. The Setting of hell invaders is a church with a nearby cemetery. The enemies are vile creatures from hell who emerge permanently from the top and have to be liquidized. In addition to that the player has to defend all the refugees hiding in the church from the monsters. No creature may slip through the priest into the church to kill the people hiding in there.

The Items

Beside the weapons we wanted to have three different ability Items.
The cross of exorcism as 1 up, the holy water grenade that slows enemies down, and gods will that freezes the enemies for a short time